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  • Indian Presidents are Political
    It has become a thing of fancy to say that the President of India is apolitical. But that is plain wrong. Most people who say apolitical actually mean non-partisan, not knowing the difference. An apolitical person is one who doesn’t hold any public office, while a non-partisan person is one who doesn’t belong to (or isn’t … Continue reading "Indian Presidents are Political"




  • Waze Is Just the Beginning
    A bunch of my good friends from Banavasi Balaga, Mr. Suhruta Yajaman taking the lead, went ahead and produced the Kannada version of the Waze app. First things first. Critics, fence sitters and everyone out there, let’s congratulate the team for attempting a Kannada version of an upcoming app with promise. The speed with which … Continue reading "Waze Is Just the Beginning"



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