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  • Archaeological Excavations Are Political
    There’s news of the ASI excavating a “Harappa-like site” in Keezhadi, Tamil Nadu. The site is actually 1200 years younger than Harappa and 2000 km away from the Harappa / Mohenjodaro area. In any case, I wanted to make a small point: archaeological excavations are political. They dig for political benefit. Now they’re digging in […]


  • Is India Really ‘Divided’ by so Many Factors?
    It has become a fancy to say “India is a nation that is divided by so many factors” and then to go on to lament and foment. Unfortunately, although those who say this deny it, violence is implicit in this view because all their lamentations and fomentations are geared towards removing what they perceive as […]



  • A Personal Note After Attending a Conference Held by Balu’s Research Group
    Last weekend I attended a 2-day conference titled Dharma & Ethics – VIII: Revisiting Swami Vivekananda. It was conducted by Prof S . N. Balagangadhara’s research group at Alva’s Engineering College, Mudabidri, Karnataka. I presented a paper titled Swami Vivekananda’s Ideas on Hindu Reform. It’s been available for free download on this site for years […]


  • ‘The Limits of my Language Are the Limits of my World’
    Whatever the use we put language to, the words we employ impose limits on what we can meaningfully convey using them. For example, the word ‘regional party’ (translated as ‘pradeshika paksha’ in Kannada) imposes a psychological limit on the one who employs it. It tends to associate an insignificance, a smallness, a trivialness with what […]


  • On The Ease of Doing Business
    The ease of doing business with someone is directly proportional to how easily he or she can be duped. It’s easy for me to do business with a child who can’t tell how many rupees I’m giving him/her as change. It’s easy for me to do business with a person who can’t tell if the […]


  • Can Someone Tell Me Why Sharada Wants Her Son to Read And Write Kannada?
    Day before yesterday, I got an interesting message from a good real-life friend on Facebook. “Hi, I need a favour,” began Sharada. This was the rest of the message: Dinesh’s school decided to drop Kannada from their curriculum. Dinesh loves his school and generally doesn’t like displacement so I offered him two choices, change school […]

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