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onlineprofilepicKiran Batni is the author of The Pyramid of Corruption: India’s Primitive Corruption and How to Deal with It. This website is Kiran’s own space on the net, where he publishes original pieces which may or may not have appeared on other publications.

Kiran is an independent researcher on topics in philosophy, politics and economics. A Master of Technology from IIT Delhi, he has lived or traveled in more than two dozen countries and has had the opportunity of learning life’s lessons from several cultures. Kiran is a voracious reader, especially of non-fiction. He is a seeker of both worldly and spiritual truths, always trying to strike a balance between the two pursuits in his life and work. Kiran is passionate about solving worldly problems in his immediate surroundings, never letting his mind drift from the ground realities of life as a Kannadiga in Mysore, Karnataka, where he was born in 1976. Kiran became known in the blogosphere for his English blog called KarnatiqueHe is also on the advisory board of the Kannada magazine, Honalu.

Kiran is also a contributor to HuffingtonPost and News18.

Many of his blog articles in Kannada have been published in book format. Kannada Nudiyarimeya Inukunota, a collection of articles on linguistics by the renowned linguist, Dr. DNS Bhat, edited by Kiran Batni, was published in Jan 2014.

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