The ease of doing business with someone is directly proportional to how easily he or she can be duped.

It’s easy for me to do business with a child who can’t tell how many rupees I’m giving him/her as change. It’s easy for me to do business with a person who can’t tell if the vegetables I sell him are rotten.

So go ahead, people, celebrate the ease of doing business. Make it the No. 1. factor to measure the worth of nations, states, cities, whatever. The ease of doing business. Yay!

(Psst: Does someone have the numbers for British India? I have a feeling it must have been easy to do business with it. If piece-of-cake were a level of ease, British India was probably right there. Just kick the dogs; they’ll whine but in their heart of hearts, they’re willing to pay a fortune for your stuff – as the numbers show.)