Why should marriage or divorce come under government control? I know, this is not the current topic all over the news, but it’s as good a time as any to talk about it.

Governments might want to get into people’s bedrooms, pants and quarrels to do the right thing, but it’s not exactly required.

I marry or unmarry whoever I want and whenever I want. Who is the government to tell me how or when to do it?

I know what you’re thinking. I create trouble for my spouse and she wants justice.

Still, why should the government – in this case one in which the 65 million people around me have literally no say – provide that justice? What’s wrong if local panchayats decide? Indeed, what’s wrong if she and her parents or whoever actually kill me for my crimes?

I know, you’ll say this is anarchy. But I ask you – do you really prefer law and order over self rule? Have you thought about it? Worked out all the pros and cons?

Who said one sixth of humanity needs one law to prosper? Most human prosperity in the world, I’d argue, happened when there were no obese governments like the Government of India. We wrote the Vedas, composed Ramayana and Mahabharata, developed great languages, created great forms of music, art and sculpture, and what not.

I have to go.

You haven’t heard of Gram Swaraj, have you?

No issues. Go back to your TV, facebook or twitter. You’re all set. Just remember to vote next time.