There’s news of the ASI excavating a “Harappa-like site” in Keezhadi, Tamil Nadu. The site is actually 1200 years younger than Harappa and 2000 km away from the Harappa / Mohenjodaro area.

In any case, I wanted to make a small point: archaeological excavations are political. They dig for political benefit.

Now they’re digging in Tamil Nadu because they want proof for foregone conclusions about the history of the most politically active linguistic people in India. Not that they’ll find them, but they feel compelled to try.

The Vaigai river is nothing compared to the Kaveri or Krishna in its expanse, and it doesn’t take an archaeologist to persist in digging on the banks of these rivers in Karnataka.

They don’t pay as much attention to Karnataka because we’re pretty-much politically dead from the point of view of ‘national’ parties which run the Govt. of India which runs the Archaeological Survey of India.