How did the Aryans at the apex claim power over a vast sea of non-Aryans in those days of yore? Specifically, how did they treat non-Aryan languages? Here’s an excerpt from The Pyramid of Corruption (Ch.4 India’s Ancient Pyramid):

The corruptors also assumed ownership over the human voice from which stems language. They ensured that the victim was both ashamed and afraid of voicing his opinion, even when it came to pleading for release from the corruption of the corruptors. The voice of the victims was ‘proven’ by the corruptors to be not just inferior in general terms but also to militate against divinity. The voice of the corruptors, on the other hand, was ‘proven’ to be not just superior in general terms but also to be the voice of divinity itself. When the victims gathered up courage to suspect the truth of such positioning, the corruptors claimed it as further proof that the victims were habituated to suspect and disrespect divinity, of which they claimed to be the protectors and messengers. Some corruptors even claimed to be divinity itself. At every opportunity, the corruptors pointed out that it was better for the victim not to utter his word, because it was incorrect by definition. By thus claiming power over the word of the victims, the corruptors also positioned themselves as teachers of the word, the ones who lent voice to those who they themselves had rendered voiceless. The teacher was further elevated to the status of God, and questioning his judgment or teaching was taught to be sacrilegious. His word was command. His word was also worth repeating over and over again, and was taught to be equivalent to the voice of the divine. It did not matter that the victims did not understand the word, because it was not the meaning of the word which mattered but its repetition. Thus, the victims came to disassociate meaning from word, and their minds were paralyzed.

The victims were discouraged from any pursuits of life other than those licensed by the corruptors. They were thus barred from discovering their own unity, and from raising their voice, because anything they might speak was inferior and unworthy of being heard. Writing was also usurped and it was proven to the victims that they were unworthy of it. It was also filled with unnecessary alphabets and words meant only for the language of the corruptors. The inability of the victims to employ them correctly was offered as proof that the victims did not deserve to employ the written word. Thus was gradually destroyed the victims’ potential to create, retain, reuse and share knowledge—especially knowledge of the corruption to which they were subjected.

Their languages, thereby, were thrown to disuse, and the corruptors declared it to be the natural end to the voice of the ungodly and corruptible. The corruptors, on the other hand, used the written word of their own language to create, retain, reuse and share knowledge amongst themselves—including knowledge of the corruption to which they subjected their victims. Those among the victims who were non-Aryan, and who were treated most inhumanly, were barred from even accessing this writing, and severe punishments were suggested and proffered if access should occur. The quoted reason for this secrecy was simple: the inferiority of the victims, their low birth; and this reasoning emanating from the wielders of public power gradually made the general public feel actually unworthy of accessing such writing.