The rich, the business-savvy, the English-or-Hindi-only environment, the Hindi-only guards, the tight security, the lavishness, the unsustainability, the air-conditioners, the wiping away of local languages, the land-grab, the handing out of petty jobs to the lucky survivors of farmers who committed suicide, the unhealthy food fully certified and complete with nutritional information, the foreigners who think they’ve seen India, the fair and lovely women, the drunken men, the helpless praying for the journey to be safe, the businesspeople pouring into their devices losing battery life, their complaining wives in flashing jackets and high heels, the insignificance of the engineer’s payload compared to the distance traveled, the meaningless lives that have to travel like birds to live like underground parasites, the whatsinitforme, the conquering of all social and political freethinking by the poverty of imposed individual opulence, the masking of disease by forced smile, the artificial love, the missed gifts to children, the mating calls of women in posters, the artificial sense of closeness of the source and the destination, the television sets pointing out the state of the political economy, the leather jackets of diaries nobody uses, the expensive watches that don’t help realize that time is running out, the glittering pens that have more value than what’s ever written using them… this is the elite’s idea of India, manifested in its full glory in an Indian airport.