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Primitive corruption is destroying India. Silently.
We are led to believe that corruption is nothing more than the ‘abuse of public power for private gain’ by government officials—a minister here, a bureaucrat there—in an otherwise perfectly clean system. But what if the system itself is founded on a deep, fundamental and dangerous form of corruption? This book introduces the concept of primitive corruption, contrasts it with operational corruption, and explains its relationship with nationalism and diversity.

Page by page, the author rejects the idea of an incorruptible, ancient and divine Indian nation, paints a realistic picture of the history of its creation and the role of corruption in it, and shows how India’s primitive corruption threatens to destroy the nation.

Using the metaphor of an Aryan Pyramid of Corruption, Kiran Batni shows that the pattern of thought ingrained in Indians by the country’s ancient system of corruption, viz., the caste-system, has corrupted the very idea of the Indian nation in a way not recognized till now. The corruption of this Pyramid, which has made the mishandling of diversity the norm in India; and the corruption the British, who built the nation in the first place; together constitute India’s primitive corruption.

How did this corruption accumulate over the centuries? What are its salient features? What is the danger due to it? How can it be averted? These are the questions answered in this book.

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