The Pyramid of Corruption

We are led to believe that corruption is nothing more than the ‘abuse of public power for private gain’ by government officials—a minister here, a bureaucrat there—in an otherwise perfectly clean system. But what if the system itself is founded on a deep, fundamental and dangerous form of corruption?

The Pyramid of Corruption – now on Google Books

If you’d like to search inside The Pyramid of Corruption for specific terms, it’s now possible thanks to Google Books. You can also read quite a bit for free. Personally, I find it quite useful. Just click here to go to the book’s page on Google Books. I still offer the entire Chapter 1 for free on this website, so feel free to… Read more →

Bangalore to Bengaluru: the Untold Story

While the ‘national media’ is fixated on things of ‘national importance’, the media in Karnataka, both Kannada and English, is abuzz with the news that the Centre has agreed to the Government of Karnataka’s proposal to ‘rename’ several cities in the state. Bangalore is now officially Bengaluru, Mysore is Mysuru, Belgaum is Belagavi, and so on and so forth. Despite… Read more →

Bad eggs don’t help

In a brilliant talk titled Does the news do us any good? Alain de Botton, a Swiss-British writer, philosopher, and television presenter in the UK, says: The thing about the news is that it’s obsessed by bad eggs. It’s obsessed with the Watergate paradigm which associates everything that’s wrong in society with a few bad eggs… who’ve done some things… Read more →

How Hindutva kills Hinduism

I. In Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 2.4, the sage Yājñavalkya decides to retire to the forest after dividing his property between Maitreyī and Kātayāni, his two consorts. Maitreyī then gets into a discussion with Yājñavalkya on whether the property would keep her happy forever. She asks: yan nu ma iyaṃ bhagoḥ sarvā pṛthivī vittena pūrṇā syāt kathaṃ tenāmṛtā syām iti. “Would I become immortal… Read more →