The Pyramid of Corruption

We are led to believe that corruption is nothing more than the ‘abuse of public power for private gain’ by government officials—a minister here, a bureaucrat there—in an otherwise perfectly clean system. But what if the system itself is founded on a deep, fundamental and dangerous form of corruption?

‘You’re not thinking; you’re just being logical’

Here’s an interesting extract from Maurice A. Finocchiaro’s book, Arguments about Arguments: In his autobiography, physicist Otto R. Frisch tells the following revealing anecdote about Niels Bohr. Bohr, we are told, “never trusted a purely formal or mathematical argument. ‘No, no,’ he would say, ‘You are not thinking; you are just being logical.’” It would be arbitrary and uncharitable to interpret… Read more →

The disappearance of choice

There was a time when India’s different cultures could benefit from each other by sharing their best art. A Kannada poet could learn from a Bengali poet, a Marathi sculptor could learn from a Tamil sculptor, and so on, and so forth. That which was worth sharing with others in one culture, then, used to stand up all by itself to… Read more →

The necessity of (operational) corruption

In The Pyramid of Corruption, I don’t discuss operational corruption, which is the usual corruption you hear of in the news. The book is about India’s primitive corruption, which is ‘abuse of public power for private gain’ of a completely different kind, embedded into the very foundation of the Indian nation. I talk about abuse by the system, not of… Read more →

The Pyramid of Corruption – now on Google Books

If you’d like to search inside The Pyramid of Corruption for specific terms, it’s now possible thanks to Google Books. You can also read quite a bit for free. Personally, I find it quite useful. Just click here to go to the book’s page on Google Books. I still offer the entire Chapter 1 for free on this website, so feel free to… Read more →